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This year's annual Steak Fry is Saturday, July 15, at 6:00 pm. This is an adults-only event at the Kingsgate 3&4 Pool. All residents are welcome to attend!

2018 Annual Meeting

January 16, 2018

The 2018 Kingsgate 3 & 4 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13 from 7:00-9:00 at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (11611 NE 140th Street).  Come and get information on the 2017 budget review as well as the 2018 budget.  In addition, get information from our various committees and see upcoming Board opportunities.  See you there!

Your HOA Board


Annual Holiday Light Contest Results!

December 18, 2017

Congratulations to the Holiday Light Winners!  Competition was awesome this year!  Judges made up of last year’s winners had a hard time deciding but after HOURS of deliberation the results are in:


Lot # 325    The Kinney FamilyHome

Lot # 326    The Michel Family

Lot # 553    The Knorr Family

Honorable Mentions:

Lot # 351    The Padgett Family

Lot # 423    The Tucci Family

Lot # 540    The Marino Family

Happy Holidays for your HOA Board!!!

Annual Holiday Light Contest

December 9, 2017

ThHomee Annual Holiday Light Contest is on December 17th this year.  Judges are made up of last year’s winners.  Winners get a sign in their front yard for bragging rights and a $50 gift card.  There are already great displays up showing the great spirit of our neighborhood!

Happy Holidays from your HOA Board!

Socialize, Swim and Listen to Live Music at the Annual Steak Fry on July 15

July 13, 2017

It’s that time of year again when the aroma of grilling steak mingle with the sweet sounds of live music at the Kingsgate 3&4 Pool this Saturday, July 15. Bring your own steaks and other meats or veggies to be grilled anytime after 6:00 pm. You can socialize with friends and neighbors, leisurely swim and cool off in the pool, and listen to the band, Hard Left, who will be providing live music between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

Side dishes, drinks and dessert will be provided by the HOA. This is an adults-only event.

Meet State Rep Candidate Valderrama at Kingsgate 1&2 Park on Friday, 9/16

September 15, 2016


For those of you interested in state politics, now is your chance for an informal meet and greet with Ramiro Valderrama, a candidate for the State House of Representatives in our district.

Sponsored by the Kingsgate Neighbors and Friends, you can enjoy cookies and conversation with Valderrama on Friday, September 16, from 6:45 to 7:45 pm at the Kingsgate 1&2 Park Picnic Shelter.

Resident Appeals for the Return of Stolen New Glory Flags and Poles

July 23, 2016

Submitted by Kingsgate Resident Al Drinkwine:glory flag

July 13, 2016

Having lived in the Kingsgate community for over 20 years our family truly enjoys the many friends and advantages our community offers. Friendliness and cleanliness are assets we can all be proud of. With all these qualities however, we do have a problem. Some individuals do not respect the private property of others.

Over these 20 years of living in Kingsgate valuable tools were stolen twice from my locked truck. Once a side window was smashed to gain entry. On a different occasion someone took a hammer to our son’s windshield totally destroying it.

Aside from our vehicles, we have had three flags, with mounting poles, stolen from the front of our garage. A fourth time, our flag was burned on our lawn. The last two thefts have occurred within the past two weeks. The Kirkland police have been contacted. Perhaps this disregard for private property is in part due to a lack of knowledge pertaining the New Glory Flag we proudly fly.

To better understand the New Glory Flag let this military veteran explain. The flag we display is not a gay flag. The New Glory Flag was designed by returning WW II veterans based on their realization that the Old Glory Flag did not represent the diversity of the individuals they had protected our nation with. By utilizing the rainbow, in preference to the red and white stripes, these veterans added a far more meaningful dimension. In addition to diversity, the rainbow incorporates God’s covenant with all humankind. A spiritual symbol of peace and rebirth following a devastating war. Additionally, the red stripes on our Old Glory Flag represent bloodshed, which they may have seen far too much of.

The Gay Flag is a much later spinoff of the New Glory and does not include the field of stars. The Gay Flag is simply a rainbow, also recognizing diversity and unity.

Should these flags and poles be returned, no questions will be asked.

Thank You,

Al Drinkwine

Annual Steak Fry Event Heating Up on Saturday, July 16, at the Pool

July 8, 2016

steak2The annual Kingsgate 3&4 Steak Fry will be heating up again on Saturday, July 16, at 6:00 pm at the pool. As usual, please bring your main dishes to grill, and the Board will generously be providing drinks, side dishes, dessert and entertainment.

The Redondos will regale you with sweet music while you dine on delicious food and catch up with friends and neighbors. The band will play from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. This event is adults-only, so please book your babysitters now!