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Financial/Budget Information

Here you can view and download budget documents of the Kingsgate Highlands Divisions 3 and 4 Homes Association.  Yearly documents include the annual budget, the budget letter sent out at the beginning of the year, and the annual meeting presentation.

We have been recently having an audit conducted of the HOA finances.  The 2016 audit is complete and listed with 2016 financial documents.  2017 and 2018 will be added once each audit is complete.

They are stored in Adobe PDF format; if you need to download the Adobe Reader, you can obtain it at If you have questions about any of these, please contact an Officer or Trustee of the Association.

Budget Documents

2019 Budget Documents

2019 Budget with February Adjustments

2019 Budget Letter

2019 Annual Meeting Presentation

2018 Budget Documents

2018 Budget

2018 Budget Letter

2018 Annual Meeting Presentation

2017 Budget Documents

2017 Budget

2017 Budget Letter

2017 Annual Meeting Presentation

2016 Budget Documents

2016 Budget

2016 Budget Letter

2016 Annual Meeting Presentation

2016 Budget Year End Report

Audit-Kingsgate Financial Statements 2016

Audit-Management Letter 1

Audit-Management Letter 2


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