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For many years, Kingsgate 3&4 sent a hardcopy newsletter to homeowners and residents on a more-or-less regular basis. These days, most people prefer to access information online, and the Association has decided to follow that trend. Accordingly, the Board has decided that we will no longer send out a hardcopy newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis. Instead, news and information will be posted on this web site and, when especially important, emailed to the FromTheBoard (at) email list. You should subscribe to this blog and to the FromTheBoard email list to keep up to date. If you have any suggestions or contributions for the blog, please email them to k3board (at) The covenants still require the official notice of the Annual Meeting of Members to be sent by mail, so you’ll at least get a postcard from us once a year!

For historical reference, here are issues of the Kingsgate 3 & 4 Newsletter for the past decade, in reverse order by date. They are stored in Adobe PDF format; if you need to download the Adobe Reader, you can obtain it at


February 2012


February 2011


December 2010
February 2010


December 2009
January 2009


June 2008
February 2008


December 2007
August 2007
April 2007
February 2007


June-July-August 2006
March-April-May 2006
January-February 2006


October-November-December 2005
July-August-September 2005
May-June 2005
March-April 2005
January-February 2005


October-November-December 2004
July-August-September 2004
May-June 2004
March-April 2004
January-February 2004


October-November-December 2003
July-August-September 2003
May-June 2003
March-April 2003
January-February 2003


October-November-December 2002
July-August-September 2002

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