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You can contact the Association by mail (for example, to pay your assessments), at:

Kingsgate Highlands Divisions 3 & 4 Homes Association
11913 NE 142nd Place #7
Kirkland, Washington 98034-1454

Below is a list of the officers, trustees, and committee members of the Association, including telephone numbers and email addresses. Please feel free to contact us directly. If it’s not clear who to contact regarding your concern, please contact the President.


Officers of the Association

President:     Mike Nelson – 503-550-4127,

Vice President:     Darcey Eilers – 360-244-3808,

Secretary:     Derek Tucci – 206-890-3256,

Treasurer:     Mario Tremblay

Bookkeeper:     Kelly Guenser – 425-445-9567,

Trustees of the Association

Terms of trustees expire at the annual meeting of the indicated year

Term Expires 2020

Mario Tremblay

Kelly Guenser – 425-445-9567,

Scott Gray

Term Expires 2021

Darcey Eilers – 360-244-3808,

Mike Nelson – 503-550-4127,

Derek Tucci – 206-890-3256,

Term Expires 2022


Chris Adams

Alex Long425-242-0832,

(to send email to the entire board, mail to

Committees of the Association

Architectural Control Committee

Alex Long

Covenant Enforcement

Mike Nelson

Park Committee

Alex Long

Park Scheduling – k3reserve (at)

Freidel Votava, 425-821-5750
(Call instead of email if short notice!)

Pool Committee – k3pool (at)

Steve Gengo

Derek Tucci

Pool Manager – poolmgr (at)

Candis Brink, 425-821-3992

Pool Staff – k3poolhouse (at)

Use this email address to contact the staff at the pool for such things as scheduling pool parties. You can also call the pool at 425-821-3300

Recreation Committee – k3fun (at)

Vicki Gray

Welcoming Committee

Open Position – Please contact board president if interested

Neighborhood Safety

Open Position – Please contact board president if interested

Swim Team – k3swimteam (at)

Candis Brink, 425-821-3992

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